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U M Air Inc. can help with routine maintenance and professional heat pump repair. Heat pumps provide heating and air conditioning in one system. Because your heat pump is a big investment, it’s important to keep it operating efficiently.

When a Heat Pump Needs to Be Repaired

If the heat pump isn’t working at all, you should call HVAC company for diagnosis and repair. Scheduling heat pump repair at the first sign of possible damage can help you avoid sudden equipment failure and allows us to solve the problem.

Your heat pump may need professional attention when:

  • The heat pump blows warm air in cooling mode
  • Your utility costs have risen
  • It is cycling too frequently
  • The system is making loud noises
  • The lights dim when the heat pump switches on

Our technicians are professionally trained, experienced, and equipped with the tools necessary to properly diagnose the problem and ensure the repairs are done right the first time. We service all major brands of heat pumps and ductless mini split systems.

Heat Pump Maintenance Service

Our professional team will open and disassemble the outdoor unit to check the interior parts and test every part. This can prevent unexpected problems. Many common repairs can be prevented by scheduling an annual checkup and maintenance.

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